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Bring the 80s Theme Party Outdoors


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Throwing a party?  Throwing an 80s theme party even?  There is plenty you can do to make that party more fun by getting the kids (or adults!) outside.  The opportunity to be outside adds an element of excitement and possibility to the mix.  Throw in some toys that are unique and fun and you have the perfect recipe.


First I'll mention the easy one:  the Nerf Boomerang.  This party favor is inexpensive and anyone can try their luck at making it come back.  Being made of foam, it's safe so you don't need to worry so much about injury to anyone.  And aside from being entertaining to the thrower, it's darn fun to watch.  Since it goes against our natural instincts (throwing something that comes back to you) there is always a learning curve.  So even if you don't take part, you can have some laughs watching others as they try to figure this thing out.


Next I'll talk about the more expensive one:  the Green Machine Big Wheel.  I know it seems like quite an investment for a kids party but the usefulness of this toy will last far beyond the end of the party.  And the modern day version of this ride is much better built than the original.  In fact, this thing is now built to a level where adults will ride this trike.  So even when your kids are moved out of the house and the wife isn't around, you can hope aboard and tear up the neighborhood with green domination.


There are many more ideas that can be explored but I'll save them for a later date.  For now, consider what I've provided here to help create a memorable 80s theme party.  Because when you make your party unique, people will remember it.  A good party is one that people talk about afterward.  It's also one that is fun for everyone involved including the one throwing it.  So have fun with it!



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